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Many people have asked me to post photos of my fish spawnings. So - here it is. I am just starting with this site. I'll get more and better pictures as time goes by. In the meantime check out these photos. I expect this site to grow quite a bit as I get time to take photos and post them.



Here are the fish:

NEW- I finally got a chance to put up some angelfish spawns....

Freshwater Angelfish - Pterophyllum scalare

Here are a lot of photos of Angels with their eggs, fry, and taking care of their brood. There are photos of two separate spawns. Go directly to page 1, page 2, page 3 , page 4, page 5.

For an article about How to Breed Pterophyllum Scalare, the Freshwater Angelfish - - - Click Here.


Firemouth Cichlid - Cichlasoma Meeki

These photos are all about 8 days after the eggs hatched. I didn't take any pictures earlier because I didn't know anyone would want to see them. Anyway, click on the name of the fish to see the photos.


Rosy Barbs - Puntius Conchonius

These are some rosy barbs that I am getting ready to spawn. The pictures aren't that good, but I'll try to get better ones when I spawn them. They swim fast and the lighting is bad.

NEW - I had a spawning and added some photos of the Rosy Barb fry at a couple days old.

New - Here are some photos of the fry that have grown up

New - Dwarf Gouramis - Colisa Lalia


I am not spawning loaches, but someone wanted a picture of my Skunk Loach, so I'll post it and any other loaches that I may take pictures of behind this link.


Dwarf Cichlids -

Right now the only dwarf cichlid behind this link is Appistogramma Bitaenata. I am hoping to spawn them, but I am not too hopeful that I even have a pair.

Fish Books

This page has descriptions of my books. I love reading books about fish. I also have some links where you can buy some tropical fish books from amazon.


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